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 North American Species
Shoulder Mount 
Full Body Mount  
Alligator $850 $3000 
Antelope, Pronghorn $650  $2650 
Bear (Black, Brown, Grizzly) $600 $3000 - $4500
Beaver   $650 
Boar (open mouth, jawset) $750  $3600
Bobcat $675 
Buffalo, Bison $1400 $6000 
Caribou $900 $3750
Coyote $500 $750
Deer, whitetail $520 $3200 
Deer, mule $560  $3400 
Elk, Wapiti $1250 $4800 
Fox, red or gray $600 
Lynx $695
Moose $1450 $5750 
Mountain Lion, cougar $780 $3250 
Otter   $625 
Raccoon   $600 
Squirrel   $275 
Wolf $750 $2400 
2015- 2016 Prices
Open-Mouth mounts are an additional $150 to $200
Simple bases are included in prices, custom habitats are additional
 Birds Standing   Flying   
Dabbling & Diving Ducks   $300 $325
Medium-Sized Geese $375 $400
Large Geese $475  $500
Pheasant $380   $400 
Chuckar $300 $325
Chicken, Rooster $325 $350
Quail $260 $285
Dove $275  $300
Turkey $700 $750
Turkey - full strut $800  
Birds are mounted on driftwood or on simple habitat bases. Custom habitats such as swamp, water, ice, snow, and splash scenes are additional by request
Bream $200
Crappie $280
Largemouth Bass $350 
Most other freshwater fish $15 per inch in length 
Striper $20 per inch
Trout  (w/artificial head) $22 per inch
Freshwater & Saltwater Reproductions    Approx. $25 per inch
(Minimum Reproduction Price of $150) Please call for specific estimates  
Fish mounts include one detailed show side, semi-painted wall side, two eyes.

Two-sided fish mounts and tabletop mounts with splash & water scenes are available
 Safari & Exotics Shoulder Mount Full Body Mount
Axis Deer $600 $2700
Baboon $700 $2300 
Bongo $1500 $5500 
Blackbuck $600 $2700
Bush Pig $825  $3000
Cape Buffalo $2300 $11,250
Civet, Serval Cat $525 $1050 
Dik Dik $500 $1400 
Eland $1525 $9750
Elephant $25,000 $135,000
Fallow Deer $650 $2750 
Gazelle $750 $2750 
Gemsbok $1075  $4500
Giraffe (shoulder to floor pedestal) $6000 $27,000
Hippopotamus $6800 $27,000 
Hyena $750  $2300 
Impala $675  $2800 
Jackal $525  $900 
Kudu, Lesser $900 $3300
Kudu, Greater $1250  $5800 
Leopard $850  $3700
Lion $1375 $6500
Nyala $875  $4000
Oribi $700  $2750
Red Duiker $700  $2100
Red Hartebeest $925  $4500
Sable, Roan $1200 $4750
Sheep, Mouflon, Spanish, Barbarossa   $800 $3600
Sika Deer $650 $2700
Springbok $700 $2600
Suni $525  $1250
Warthog $875 $3300
Wildebeest $1250  $4600
Zebra, Burchell's $1350 $6500
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Practically any habitat imaginable, from rocks and trees to waterfalls, can be produced for the client. We will match existing showroom themes or help you create new designs. We can work from photographs or on location.

We refuse to compete for the lowest price.
Instead, we are extremely competitive for the highest quality found nation wide. We could easily undercut the cheapest taxidermists in town just to “buy business” but then we would have such a terrible and rushed backlog of work that we couldn’t possibly return our clients trophies with a clear conscience. It is very important to us that we have done our best. I once read a sign on an old printer’s wall that read “Cheap, Fast, Good, Pick two” This is true in every business in America.

One can easily locate taxidermists all around us with lower prices. At Carter Taxidermy our reputation has been built on quality, reliability, and product design. We produce pieces of art which consistently meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.
Our price is based upon time and materials. We take ample time with each mount to ensure that our work will maintain its integrity and longevity. We only use materials of the highest quality available.

Hunters and anglers spend years waiting for the moment to seize the specimen that they have always dreamed of. When that opportunity comes, it should be one of their proudest moments in life. It isn’t uncommon to have spent thousands of dollars in attempts to attain a great specimen. Membership dues, travel expense, hunting & fishing equipment, clothes, boats, four wheelers, weaponry, etc. Why would you allow the demand for quality to end at the end of a successful pursuit? You should be able to take your prize trophy to a taxidermist who will preserve its natural look exactly as you remember it the moment you seized it. You want that mount to capture the essence of the living creature as closely as possible. You should be able to fondly reminisce about your hunting experience when you see the animal displayed in your home. You want to be able to eagerly and proudly show it off to your friends and family when they visit.

At Carter Taxidermy we have spent many years studying animal anatomy and the skeletal and muscular mechanics that work beneath the skin. Understanding the locomotion beneath the skin (where and how the muscles attach to the bone, where ear canals are located, the degree to which an animal can rotate their ears and eyes and turn their neck, etc) is the key to reproducing a specimen with a true lifelike appearance. We understand the intricate skin locations and hair patterns that animals possesses on their face and body. We recreate the nose interior and we rebuild the skin textures that are lost through the skinning and preservation processes. From eyelashes to noses, footpads and toenails, we apply attention and detail. We go far beyond the basic steps and techniques of simply performing a crude taxidermy process. We don’t compare our work to our competitors, we compare our work to living animals.

Obtaining impressive antlers or beautiful specimens will never guarantee a great job of taxidermy when left in the hands of an incompetent taxidermist. So many times hunters will search for the cheapest taxidermist they can find…only to save $50 or $100 and unfortunately are ultimately disappointed with what they bring home. Remember, the bad taste of poor quality work remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. When you think of how much you’ve invested in the harvesting of the animal, it only makes sense to take it to a taxidermist that you can trust to restore the beauty of that animal to last a lifetime.
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